What is Lille.ai?

Why was Lille.ai created?

Who should use Lille.ai?

What value does Lille.ai offer?

How is Lille.ai different from other writing tools like ChatGPT?

Isn't Lille.ai like Jasper and CopyAI?

How do I sign up or log in to Lille.ai?

I see 'Wrong Credentials' message when I submit username and password that I know.

How can I create content with Lille.ai?

Generate Draft - What is this?

Next Draft - What is this?

How much does Lille.ai cost?

What are the benefits of a paid plan?

Can I publish my content directly to social media platforms?

What about the privacy of the content I create or the research that I do?

Can I upload any type of URLs and Files in addition to the topic for generating the draft?

Does Lille.ai have a reward program?

How does Lille.ai keep my data safe?

What If I need customization in the process of content generation as well as publishing?

What is the basis of the claim that Lille is saving lots of time for the users?

Can I control what sources are used to generate my article?

I have more questions. How can I contact Lille.ai support?