What is Lille.ai?

Lille.ai is an AI-powered co-pilot for content research, discovery, and writing. It can read tons of stuff from the internet and documents you give it, and then it helps you write about it. And the best part? It tells you exactly where it found the information, so you know it's trustworthy. Plus, it works with tools like Google Drive and social media sites. It serves as a one shop stop for you to efficiently interact with and manage information.

Generate Draft - What is this?

Lille allows user to upload maximum six items ( A prompt i.e. a topic and combination of URLs and Files ) from where a user can generate the content for an article. User can use the input box at home page to add a prompt, URLs and Files, click on 'Generate Draft' that shows the extracted keywords from the uploaded content. User is asked to select some keywords from the given keywords, URL(s) or File(s) related to selected keywords are used to generate the article. Paid users have the option to choose the tone setting and few other instructions for the article creation. The URLs or Files that are used to generate the article based on the selected keywords are shown at the end of the generated article as references. NOTE: Bigger size files and lengthier articles from the URLs uploaded will add to response time.

What kind of content can I generate with Lille.ai?

You can choose to send a prompt or add URLs/Files on the home page, e.g., use 'Benefits of Ginger' as a prompt, and click the 'Generate Draft' button to see and select the extracted keywords. Once a article is created after you process to generate the draft, Lille show the ideas that have been used to create the article in the right-side panel. You can also provide a topic, URL, or a file (size < 3MB) to generate fresh ideas and then select some or all of the fresh ideas in combination with some or all or none of the used ideas, and click 'Regenerate' to regenerate the already created article.

How do I sign up or login to Lille.ai?

You can sign up for Lille.ai using your email address, Google account, or LinkedIn account. If you already have an account with Lille.ai, just enter your email address and password in the 'Login' fields to access your dashboard.

Why was Lille.ai created?

Lille.ai, a SaaS application was created to help people deal with too much information. It serves as a powerful memory that helps you find, organize, and share information easily.

Who should use Lille.ai?

Lille.ai is great for people who write a lot or need to find information quickly. It quickly assists you by providing the structure and the various views that can help you write or research large volumes of content efficiently. If you write for websites (content creators) or help websites get found (SEO specialists), or post a lot on social media (influencers), Lille is then your co-pilot. It's also super helpful for teams who use writing to connect with their customers, and for anyone who has a lot of information to sort through, like researchers, teachers, and students.

What are the different ways of creating a draft in Lille.ai?

You can choose from the given trending topics on the home page or type in your own topic, e.g., 'Benefits of Ginger', and click the 'Generate' button to create a article. Once a article is created, we show the ideas that have been used to create the article in the right-side panel. You can also provide a topic, URL, or a file (size < 3MB) to generate fresh ideas and then select some or all of the fresh ideas in combination with some or all or none of the used ideas, and click 'Regenerate' to regenerate the already created article.

How much does Lille.ai cost?

Lille.ai has a free plan with a limited number of credits. We also offer paid plans with additional features: $15.95 monthly, $39.95 quarterly, and $149.95 yearly.

What value does Lille.ai offer?

With Lille.ai, you can write your first draft super fast - 80% faster than before! It boosts your content marketing outputs by 27x, gets more than 590% more impressions in 60 days or less. It's like having a super-power for writing! And the best part? Your writing will always sound like you, and you won't have to spend weeks making changes.

How is Lille.ai different from other writing tools like ChatGPT?

Lille doesn't make things up - it always tells you where the information comes from. Plus, it lets you control how your writing sounds and how long it is. And, it helps you find the most important points for your writing and makes sure your writing is ready to be shared on any platform. Its content research auto-pilot brings the most relevant points for you to consider while generating outputs that automates SEO with backlinking.

What are the benefits of a paid plan?

Paid plans grant full feature access, including 200 credits per month, the ability to create and regenerate contents with your topics, unlimited publishing on top social media platforms, and the opportunity for customization. You can go to the settings page and edit the daily feed preferences in the respective tab. You'll also have access to our support team for any inquiries or issues.

How does the credit system work?

Each action (like generating or regenerating content) costs a credit. The free plan offers up to 25 credits. Upgrading to a paid plan gives you additional benefits like more credits and full feature access.

What does the Lille.ai dashboard offer?

You can generate any article using the 'Generate New' link and access your previously saved contents in the saved list. Once you publish a article, you can find it in the published list. A article can be published to the Lille platform and shared via WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

What are 'trending topics' on Lille.ai?

Trending topics are popular subjects or themes that are currently relevant or widely discussed on the internet. Lille.ai suggests trending topics that you can use as inspiration for your content. These suggestions change dynamically and are not user-specific.

What is the maximum file size one can upload to get the fresh ideas?

Lille allows maximum 7MB files to be uploaded. One can upload files of formats .pdf, .docx and .txt to generate fresh ideas. NOTE: Bigger size files uploaded will add to response time.

Can I publish my content directly to social media platforms?

Yes, with our paid plans, you can enjoy unlimited publishing of the content you create on Lille.ai directly to top social media platforms.

Can I customize the content generation by Lille.ai?

Yes, customization possibilities are available. You can talk to our support team for more details on this. The generated content is designed to serve as a foundation which you can further refine to match your specific needs.