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Unified AI SaaS Platform offering Information Retrieval (IR), Information Extraction (IE), Research, Complex Q&A, Work Space to organize and sequence extracted key points. Once the draft is ready then generate write-ups to fit the specs of different templates with full-traceability of data source, privacy, and copyright protection. Integrate internal data repositories alongwith external publicly available triggers for comprehensiveness

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Key Features

Navigating Crafting Content with Your Co-Pilot

An Exhaustive Article Creation based User's Topic.

An exhaustive article creation based user's topic.

Linkedin Post Creation based on User's Topic.

Linkedin post creation based on user's topic.

X Threads Creation based on User's Topic.

X threads creation based on user's topic.

Upload Documents & URLs for Content Creation.

Allow user to upload documents & URLs for content creation.

Publish The Content to Popular Platforms.

Allow users to publish the content to popular platforms.